Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chamakh heads out as Podolski joins? -Densilon's Brazilian holiday -Jack's early recall?

Morning Gooners.

I thought yesterday I was doing ok when it came to the cold turkey effect of not having a midweek game and yet today I've woken up with a craving for an Arsenal game. And yet there are two days until we play again. This can't be fair.

Again most of the talk as I go around the news sites is of which players are leaving come the end of the season. With eight games to go we've got a lot still to do this season but in a way it seems positive that we're looking forward to next season and planning for it already.

One of the players who could be on their way is Marouane Chamakh. He's not regained his formed after being dropped from the side last season and I would think it would be best for all concerned that he left the club in the summer.

I don't consider him to have been a bad signing. If it wasn't for his good form at the start of last season we would have probably had an awful season. The tone for the rest of the year is set in those opening few months and that's when he was performing ever so well.

But since Robin van Persie has been back in the team, the Moroccan hasn't had a sniff and that can't be good for his form or confidence. Where will he end up? I think a return to France is a good possibility but I don't think he'll go to Paris Saint-Germain as The Sun are suggesting today. I think it's more likely he'll go back to Bordeaux if they can afford his wages.

Denilson is another of the fringe players who has been on loan this season and doesn't appear to be returning to the club any time soon.

It appears that Sao Paulo want to keep him on loan for another year according to the Daily Mail. Probably a good deal for all concerned.

As we look towards the weekend there is good news emerging from the club regarding the fitness of two of our midfielders who have been out for the majority of the season.

Abou Diaby should be available for selection to the squad after coming through a behind closed doors friendly against Reading. The medical staff will assess him to make sure he is completely right before giving Arsene Wenger the go ahead to put him in the squad.

Meanwhile Jack Wilshere has "told friends" he'll be fit in just two weeks, according to the Daily Star. It will be great to have him back in the squad, but I hope he doesn't rush himself so that he can play for England in the European Championships. If he has another set back that could damage him, which wouldn't be good for either him or the club.

The manager said at his press conference last week that it would be five weeks until Jack would be available for selection. I would rather go with that time frame than any other. I think the club should be as cautious as possible with him and if that means he doesn't play until the final couple of games this season so be it. As long as he is fit for next term, I'll be happy.

Later today Arsene Wenger will find out if he's going to be banned by UEFA for the third time. He's really got to stop getting into these scrapes with officials. They certainly don't help him or the players.

I wonder also if this will be the day when we hear about whether Lukas Podolski has signed. We were told it was going to be this week and time is running out... maybe today?

Until tomorrow.

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