Saturday, 31 March 2012

Keep the momentum going -Koscielny to start -Wenger orders one other change?

Morning Gooners.

Well this afternoon is probably the toughest game we've faced on this eight match run, in my mind because we should easily beat QPR later. They're on a bad run which has included one win, one draw and four defeats while we seven games unbeaten.

But go into the game with the attitude that the win will be easy we're likely to come unstuck. QPR are managed by another manger I hate in Mark Hughes. He and Arsene Wenger haven't had the most cordial of relationships when they've met previously and I get the impression there is no love lost between them.

How I'd like us to get one over on Hughes. I have nothing against QPR. But can't stand Joey Barton either. He's someone I've got no time for. He, like Hughes, has caused us trouble before and I hope all our players are wise to his tactics.

What I really want is for the players to come quickly out of the blocks and make sure the game is safe within the first half. We've seen what early goals can do for our confidence. Focus on giving our all and we will win the game.

Wenger said:
"I see us fighting like mad on Saturday to win the game. That's all I see, I don't see further. 
"We are focused on QPR, believe me. We know that is always a tricky game for everybody and that is what is important to us.  
"After that we focus on the next one and our capability to finish the season in a strong way depends on just how much we focus on every game."
For me we have to keep this strong run going. We've put distance between us and Spurs and Chelsea, so to let them gobble up that ground behind us would be silly. Putting in a committed display this afternoon is vital to  continuing that forward momentum.

There are a few players suffering from knocks but with seven days rest I wonder if the manager will make a couple of changes. I think it's fairly obvious that a fit Laurent Koscielny will come straight back into the side.

I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Alex Oxlade Chamberlain drafted into the side to play on the left hand side and dropped Gervinho to the bench. In my mind that would make sense. The Ox hasn't started a game since the Newcastle win,  so he should have all the energy he needs back in his tank.

The other news yesterday was that the manager has been charged by UEFA again. I think it's scandalous that they can give him a three game touchline ban for basically swearing at the referee. We see week after week in the Premier League players swearing at officials and nothing is done. Yet in a UEFA competition they come down on a manager who swears with a ton of bricks.

And don't get me started on the fine. Absolutely unbelievable that UEFA can fine him £33,000 as well as ban him. And all for swearing at a referee. I don't think match officials should be abused but it was in the heat of the moment.

Anyway, I'm glad he's going to appeal. No other manager seems to get treated in the way Arsene does by UEFA.

Hopefully we can gain three points later to cheer him up. Taking a win into the busy Easter fixtures is vital.

Until tomorrow.

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