Friday, 18 May 2012

RVP's agent angered by Manchester City meetings leak as Vieria opens gob

Morning Gooners.

Well it's not been a good 48 hours in Arsenal land. Yet again we've mucked up regarding our transfer policy and it appears it's going to bite us on the arse again this summer.

With the saga regarding Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri still fresh in the memory from last summer, it appears we're in the same situation with Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott. You would have thought we would have learnt our lessons but it appears we've still got a lot to learn when it comes to extending the contracts of our star players.

In fairness to Arsenal, both van Persie and Walcott have indicated that they wouldn't be prepared to discuss new deals with the club until the end of the season - making their position much stronger. With just over one year still to run on their deals respectively, the players hold all the cards.

But this should have been averted. It could have been sorted much sooner. And now we are left in a position where Robin has told the club he's not yet ready to sign a new deal - he's waiting to see what offers will come in for him - and gone off to the Euros.

It would be devastating for every Arsenal fan if the club sold Robin - it would again send out the wrong message to every Gooner. We've finally secured third position allowing us to complete our business in a timely manner and have already got Lukas Podolski thorough the door. But it's looking more and more likely that the German international has been signed as a replacement for Robin rather than to play alongside him.

The newspapers have been briefed by Robin's camp that he walked out of Wednesday's meeting without agreeing to sign the club's offer of £130,000 a week and a £5m re-signing payment. This is a tactic to attract the attention of club's who might be interested in signing the Dutch international.

Unsurprisingly Manchester City are one of those clubs who have met with van Persie's agent Kees Vos - who was entertained by Brian Marwood at Etihad Stadium three months ago. The story on angered Vos as it was published two days before his meeting with Arsenal.

Vos has been keen to point out that while he was entertained by Man City, it had nothing to do with the fact that Robin was about to enter the last 12 months of his contract and could be interested in a move to the north west.

To be fair to Vos, he's the leading agent of a firm who has clients all around the globe - Thomas Vermaelen is also one of his clients - and he has also been the guest of other top four clubs, not just in England but around Europe.

But again it doesn't paint the situation to be in such a good like, especially after what happened last summer with the Samir Nasri deal when City had to pay Arsenal an extra £5m to stop Arsenal reporting them to the Premier League for unsettling the Frenchman.

City clearly have an interest in Robin. Patrick Vieria last night admitted it. He said:
"I don't think it will only be City who would like these kind of players.  
"I don't think you have so many good talents like Van Persie who have just one year left on his contract.  
"There will be a lot of teams who will want a player like Van Persie."
I do wish Paddy would shut up and stop talking about our players. Last summer he was instrumental in signing Nasri. Now he's talking up van Persie.

Arsenal cannot sell again to Manchester City. It sends out completely the wrong message and there would be lots of angry fans if Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis sold the club captain for a second season in a row.

Robin has yet to publicly speak on the subject so it will be interesting to when and where he decides to answer questions about his future. Will it be in a column for The Sun or will it be at a press conference while he's away on national team duty with Holland.

Yesterday I was more confident than I am now that Robin will be an Arsenal player next season. Yes, the club could hold him to the final year of his deal and allow him to leave on a free the following summer. But that fudges the issue and will cost the club money.

It seems this summer is going to turn into a long one without Robin signing a new deal. Let's hope for all our sakes it's resolved sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere there was news from the club that Jack Wilshere is to undergo minor knee surgery in Sweden in the coming days. The club don't believe it will impact on Jack being available for the start of next season, which is good news.  It will also end the chance of him being selected for Team GB at the London Olympics, which is no bad thing.

That's it for today. Enjoy counting down the hours until the weekend. Until tomorrow.

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