Thursday, 31 May 2012

Vermaelen states his loyalty. Will contact stalling RVP do the same?

Morning Gooners.

I'm sorry for the lack of new posts here over the last week or so. I've been on holiday and while I had planned to continue the blog while I was away, there wasn't enough going on to worth troubling you with - there can't be every day during the closed season.

However one thing which is going to rumble on, at least until Robin van Persie puts pen to paper, is his on going situation regarding his future. It appears that despite his agent meeting again with the club this week, no deal will be agreed prior to the start of the European Championships in eight days time.

To be honest it's really disappointing that our captain has not signed a new deal. The manager has said he wants to keep Robin at the club so a new deal must be on the table and ready for him to sign. The media have been telling us for weeks he's being offered £130,000 a week with a £5m signing on fee.

So what exactly is he waiting for... unless there isn't a deal on the table to sign.

While Robin's situation is fluid, one player who's commitment to the cause I admire is Thomas Vermaelen. After sitting out the majority of his second season at the club through injury, he's made a good return to the side - starting 38 games.

I don't think there isn't any denying he can't improve his game - his performances weren't what we became accustomed to in his first season at the club - but returning from injury after a season on the sidelines is going to effect your game.

When Jack Wilshere eventually returns he won't be the same player as we saw in his first season. He'll have to build up to that level again.

As for Vermaelen, he's told the press he's keen to stay at Arsenal for life.

He said:
"I will stay at Arsenal forever. There will be no transfer for me. 
"I love London. I’ve got a house there, I’m happy there and I don’t see any reason to ever leave the club."
Which is great to hear from someone the club stuck by through his injury problems last season and rewarded with a new contract at the start of this season.

It will be interesting to see how the new first team coaching set up influence and mould the back four. I think that could have a positive influence, especially on the Belgium international.

I like Vermaelen's loyalty. Especially pleasing to see from a player who is grateful the club has stood by him during a difficult time and wants to repay them for that. It's clear Vermaelen has the skill set to achieve a lot of things at the club. Why would he want to go anywhere else when it's clear he's happy with life in London?

Much the same thing could be asked of his mate Robin van Persie. Why would he want to leave Arsenal if he's still got so much still to pay back after the years of loyalty the club has shown him during his difficult years both in his personal and professional life.

If your family are settled here, the club are moving in the right direction and you're the King of the castle, so to speak, what would you want to leave for - unless it's all about money?

Of course Arsenal have got to offer Robin the right deal. He's coming to the stage where he has to negotiate his last big pay-day, whether that is this summer or next summer. I wonder whether the club are keen to hold on to him for the remaining season of his current contract and see where the land lies next summer.

Will he ever have a good a season again as the one just gone?

It is perhaps prudent financially to do things that way, but it doesn't set out the right tone to fans and his team mates. I'm sure they all want to see that Robin is committed to the cause for next season and beyond. That sends out a statement of intent.

Letting things role into next season creates an air of uncertainty. We saw how destabilising the situation with Cesc and Nasri was for the club and the start of our campaign. The same cannot happen this summer. A decision which both parties have to be happy with has to be reached before the start of the season, because no one will be happy if it isn't.

Unfortunately it appears this situation is going to run for the foreseeable future. Let's hope it doesn't get too messy.

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