Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cesc makes Ronaldo cry! -Burton set for Reserves? -Spurs' laughing manuel extended

Morning Gooners.

What a tedious 120 minutes of football that was last night. Of course there were patches in the game where it came alive. It seems that every game I've looked forward to at the Euros has ended up being a complete disappointment. Perhaps it's because the stakes are so high that neither team wants to open up the play and take chances.

So after extra time it came down to the penalty shoot out and after former Arsenal man Ashley Cole had his penalty saved for England the other night, his ex-team mate Cesc Fabregas showed Cashley how it was done and sent  Spain into their third successive final.

The great thing about Cesc's penalty meant that Spain won and Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't able to take a spot kick himself - if he had been due to take the fifth. The prima donna ended up crying. Now that is good entertainment!

Tonight's second semi-final is Germany v Italy. Now I have no expectations about this one. But hopefully we'll get to see Lucas Podolski back in action. I'd imagine that Per Mertesacker will still be on the bench, having not played a minute of the tournament so far.

Away from the Poland and Ukraine, the Independent are reporting that Terry Burton is being lined up to take over Neil Banfield's position as reserve team manager.

While the Daily Mirror say that Roberto Mancini is getting impatient that he can't sign Robin van Persie. The captain and his representatives are due to meet with Arsenal once the Dutchman returns from his Caribbean break.

The word is out there that Robin is keen to stay with or without a new contract... so what does our captain want?

And finally it's great to be able to laugh at our north London neighbours. Yesterday they announced their fans had voted Kyle Walker their best ever Premier League right back.... in his first season. That's saying something isn't it? Then they announced Gareth Bale had signed a one year extension to the three years left on his present deal... So all that interest from Barcelona turned out well didn't it?

And then last night Luka Modric told Marca that he's leaving Spurs to play Champions League football. Oh when the wheels....

When you worry things are going badly at our place, there is always a silver-lining down the Seven Sisters Road.

That's it for  today. More tomorrow.

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