Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wenger's not betting on RVP's staying -Ben Arfa linked -Usmanov frozenout

Morning Gooners.

We'll start with Arsene Wenger. It  seems as good a place as any. The manager has been speaking about the future of Robin van Persie. Well not so much speaking about our captain, because of course the club and Robin / his people have agreed not to talk about his future. But he has said Robin won't be moving to Italy.

Wenger said:
"He will stay at Arsenal. 
"There is no reason why a top player, a big champion would want a move to Serie A in terms of the prestige of the League, the level of play or financial considerations. 
"If he moves there I will buy you a Caramello."
If you're betting with someone and you're sensible about it - weighing up what you're prepared to lose - I would suggest that a multi-millionaire like Wenger wouldn't notice the difference in his bank account if he had to buy a Caramello.

Of course the sensible money is on Robin moving to Manchester City, but that's only because they've offered him nearly double what we've put on the table for him.

Robin's future hangs in the balance and it doesn't look like it's going to be resolved any time soon - with the Daily Mail reporting no face to face negotiations will take place anytime soon. It's mainly because Arsene Wenger is working for French TV at the Euros and Ivan Gazidis is on holiday.

There is of course a silver lining with Holland being eliminated early from the Euros. Robin will be available to travel with the rest of the squad not taking part in the later part of the competition to go to Asia for the pre-season tour.

Meanwhile in transfer tittle tattle land, the Daily Mirror report we're rivaling Chelsea  for the signing of Newcastle's Hatem Ben Arfa.

He's a player Wenger was looking at in 2008 and decided to buy Samir Nasri instead. I really don't see us  going back for him now when Mike Ashley will be asking  for a pretty penny for him.

And in non news story of the day, Thomas Vermaelen has been pictured with a real life caveman. Not really. He's been snapped with Barcelona defender Carles Puyol at a restaurant in Ibiza. Should we be surprised? Footballers friends with footballers? Not really.

However an interesting piece of news dug up by Matt Scott at the Daily Telegraph is that the Premier League clubs have changed their rules which means Alisher Usmanov won't be able to access the accounts when he reaches the 30% mark.

That's it for today. Short, sweet and to the point. More tomorrow.

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