Tuesday, 10 July 2012

One Arsene Wenger! -Dein wants quick van P€r$i€ decision -Lolo's new deal

Morning Gooners

Pre-season training got underway yesterday and it was a nice hard double session to get the players back in the swing of things. It's lucky Andrey Arshavin wasn't involved. He doesn't like training for more than 90 minutes, let alone four hours.

Usually by now there is a picture gallery on the official site of the players being put through their paces, with Arsene Wenger holding a stop watch and at least one player pouring water over themselves. There is nothing about the players being back at Colney yet on the official site, which is a little surprising.

Perhaps the manager wanted a low key start to this week. Or perhaps he hadn't been told his approval rating had leaped massively following his heroics last season in the annual Arsenal Supporters Trust survey results.

One things is for sure. The manager has got little preparation time before this Saturday's pre-season openers.  It's likely we're going to see a lot of younger players involved as all the established players who were involved in Euro 2012 are yet to report back following their extended breaks.

Robin van P€r$i€ could however meet Arsene Wenger at London Colney this week to discuss his future. Yesterday former vice-chairman David Dein said that whatever the club has decided to do regarding the Dutchman, they must act quickly.

Dein said:

"All I would hope, for the stability of the club, is whether he stays or whether he goes, it happens quickly. 
"You don't want to see what happened last year when you had Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas stringing it out."

Which is exactly how you hope the club would react if there really is no way to reconcile the situation with van P€r$i€. We cannot have a destabilising start to the campaign as we did last season.

One area the club have moved quickly to resolved is the future of Laurent Koscileny after an excellent season. Reports in France say we're to offer the Frenchman a five year deal on better money than he's currently on. And I certainly believe that's no less than he deserves.

I don't have a problem with the club rewarding those players who have performed exceptionally with pay rises and extended deals. They've already held talks with Mikel Arteta over a pay rise, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain  another star of last season will be rewarded with more pay and an extended deal, so Lolo is just being rewarded like those who performed strongly last term.

Elsewhere, The Sun says we're after 21-year-old Egyptian left back Milo.

Whilst the same newspaper won't be on Jack Wilshere's Christmas card list after they admitted dobbing him in to UEFA after sending out tweets about betting Emmanuel Frimpong scoring in a Champions League match with Olympiakos last season.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.

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