Thursday, 5 July 2012

van P€r$i€: It's about Manchester City's £45m offer not Arsenal's ambition

Morning Gooners.

Well there really is only one story in town today. The announcement that Robin van P€r$i€ will not renew his contract at Arsenal.

Despite putting myself in a position where I thought I would be immune to the news when it came, I'm absolutely deversated that van P€r$i€ has said he won't renew.  I was always of the opinion that he would be off this summer because Arsenal weren't able to match the wages he'd been offered elsewhere, but never expect him to release that classless statement and attempt to burn bridges with the club.

The five words which are going round my head on repeat are "it's all about the money" and that is where the problem lies. Arsenal cannot match the spending of the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and PSG be it on wages or transfer fees because we aren't funded by a sugar daddy.

And the simple truth of the matter is that were we able to match the top wages being paid out by those four clubs, van P€r$i€ would be staying.

The club thought they would be building for a sustainable future when they decided to build the new stadium but since that decision was made the goal posts have been moved by men with bottomless pockets prepared to throw away their money on a pet project. Arsenal cannot compete with that.

The reason van P€r$i€ has released the statement now - he was backed into a position by Arsenal coming out and telling him they would keep him to the final year of his contract because he'd told them he would not be planning to extend months ago.

In response to van P€r$i€'s broadside yesterday Arsenal released their own statement reaffirming that position. They won't sell him unless their valuation for him is matched.

In my view he'll end up at Manchester City one day before September 1st. His agent held talks with Brian Marwood five months ago and I guess that's when the plan for van P€r$i€ moving to the north west was hatched. It looks like he'll sign their proposed offer of £220,000 a week, four year deal, worth more than £45m.

There have been other signs he'd be off. The awards dinner when he declared he's always be a Gunner. The long solo goodbye to the fans at West Brom after the final game of the season..

Once again while we fans show loyalty - we are the only ones. Players only care about their bank balance. At the end of the day if they have chance to win something it's a bonus. But they are primarily focused on what they're earning each week.

It's a sad state of affairs but the moves for Podolski and Giroud just show that Arsenal knew they had a battle on their hands to keep van P€r$i€. By doing their business early we aren't forced to pay sky high prices when other club's have the upper hand.

I can't imagine a situation where van P€r$i€ is an Arsenal player on September 1st, despite the club's statement. There is no wiggle room for the player.

It's a sad day for Arsenal. But we will move on. Arsenal have always been a club which is bigger than one player and that will be the case when van P€r$i€ moves on.

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  1. I would really, really like to see what David Dein and Red & White can do. They can't possibly be much worse than the current board.