Monday, 10 September 2012

Pearce's plan for The Ox -Gervinho loves fat Ronaldo! -

Morning Gooners.

Ok, I'll admit it. It's been very tough to write a post today. I can safely say there is little going on in the Arsenal world right now. We're five days away from the Southampton game and there is little to talk about.

I could talk about Stuart Pearce's plan to use Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for the England under-21s in their Euro 2013 play-off game next month. Personally I don't see this as being a big issue. It's during an international break so Alex will either be away with the senior squad for their World Cup qualifying games against San Marino and Poland or playing for the under-21s.

Given that The Ox is starting games for the senior side, I don't believe Roy Hodgson will decide now to allow Pearce to use him for the under-21s.

Alex will want to play football for whoever wants to select him. So he won't have any concerns about playing for the under-21s. It's not like it's a demotion for him anyway, considering he's still eligible and many of his best friends in football still play at that level.

Elsewhere, news has returned from Africa that Gervinho has scored a goal. Yes, you read that correctly. The player who finds more dead-ends at Arsenal than a learner driver in a cul-de-sac has found the back of the net for the Ivory Coast in their 4-2 win over Senegal.

The attacker won a penalty for his country's third goal after they had been behind twice in the game.

This game is all part of the qualifying stages of the 2013 African Nations Cup. And if the Ivory Coast win all their qualifying matches we'll no doubt lose Gervinho in January again, just when he's getting into form.

And did you know who Gervinho's favourite player of all time is? It's fat Ronaldo.... And his favourite band? An Ivorian group called Magic System. (All facts from the Arsenal Magazine).

So I could pad out the post with even more Gervinho fact, but I'm going to leave it there.

That's all for today. Back tomorrow with more.

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