Friday, 7 September 2012

Sagna's angry about Song's sale -"Andrey said no" -Wenger's clean sheets wish

Morning Gooners.

There seems just one place to start today and that's with Bacary Sagna's comments made in an interview with L'Equipe.

The Frenchman spoke to the newspaper about a variety of subjects, but the one which has made the majority of headlines has been the sale of Alex Song.

The defender said:

"Everyone was expecting Robin van Persie to leave, but Alex Song, that was a surprise. I don't understand that at all. It is a big loss for the club. 
"When you see two of the best players from last season leave, you ask a lot of questions. I understand why the supporters are nervous."

Firstly I would question Song's status as our second best player last season. I would have awarded that title to Mikel Arteta or Laurent Koscielny. As for being a big surprise, Song leaving was going to happen sooner rather than later. You don't sell your house and rent somewhere for a year if you have a long term commitment to remain in London.

I was as disappointed as anyone that the greedy badger decided to tarnish his reputation and status with all Gooners by moving to Manchester United but the club was right to cash in on a player with less than one year remaining on his deal.

Unfortunately the club has got itself in a position where contract negotiations are far from being its strong point. And we've decided to cash in on a number of players for the last few summers in order to make a profit.

The chairman says there is money to spend. What he doesn't tell us is whether this money is new cash or whether the manager has to generate the money himself buy selling the most valuable members of his playing staff.

Quite rightly the players have a right to question the direction of the club when they see the captain of the club move on two summers in a row. Where else in professional football does that happen? And it is not just on a professional level they feel a loss, it's also on a personal level where they see their friends leave.

I don't think Sagna speaking openly about his concerns should raise too many eyebrows. We're all doing it at the moment if we're honest. We all want to know what direction the club is taking and how it is going to solve this rotten cycle when it comes to players' contracts.

Sagna will enter the last year of his present deal at the end of the season. Kieran Gibbs will be in the same position. Theo Walcott as we know can leave for free when his deal expires at the end of June. The club has got itself in a difficult position and it needs to find a way out.

One player who has remained at the club this summer when many expected to leave is Andrey Arshavin. The Russian did not move in the final day of the Russian transfer window yesterday and will remain at the club to fight for his place in the team.

According to Dynamo Moscow coach Dan Petrescu "Andrey said no" to a move.

I think having Arshavin on the bench cannot be a bad thing, especially when we need a goal. He is one player at the club who can create something out of nothing.

Elsewhere Arsene Wenger has been speaking at the UEFA elite club coaches forum in Nyon about the impact Steve Bould has made on his backroom staff.

The manager said:

"We have played two teams who didn't really attack, but he [Bould] is doing a good job. 
"We continue our training regime. He has taken over from Pat Rice for the defensive job where he is doing very well. 
"Will we finish with the best defence in the league? I hope so."
And we all know why Wenger wants us to have the best defensive record come the end of the season... because that team usually ends up winning the league.

A quick round-up of other items of news. Mo Farah wants a job at Arsenal. Lukas Podolski has been talking of his love for the way Santi Cazorla plays football. And Olivier Giroud talks of his friendship with Laurent Koscielny.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.

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