Monday, 8 October 2012

Oooh Santi Cazorla! -Wenger compares Walcott to Messi!?! -Loving a WHam win

Morning Gooners.

A 3-1 away win against a Sam Allardyce team is never a result to be disappointed with and it certainly caused a personal celebration of excess... so apologises for no post yesterday.

I love us beating his teams. Much of the talk pre-match was that his teams could mix it with the best, how they had a passing style and that preconceptions of Allardyce teams of the past should be left in yesteryear.

But they showed none of that and reverted to bullyboy tactics. They should have had two players sent off at least. However with the ever incompetent Phil Dowd in charge, we were never going to be fairly judged. He hates us and the feeling is mutual.

It was a joy to watch Santi Cazorla yet again. I guess the one thing about going to the older style stadiums is that you are closer to the pitch than at the Grove. And that meant getting that bit closer to the Spanish magician.

I don't mind Wenger comparing him to Glen Hoddle. Wenger had the ex-Spurs man in his pomp at Monaco. And he was again purring about the pint sized Spaniard - who was taller than the West Ham corner flags! - again after Saturday night's win.

Wenger said:

"Glenn Hoddle was like that — you could not say if he was left or right footed. 
"And Santi Cazorla is similar on that front — I don’t remember anyone else I have worked with who was two-footed as much as those two. 
"Santi is right footed but when you watch him play you don’t know. It shows how important that is in the modern midfield. 
"Right or left foot was always important, but we forget about it sometimes. I’m surprised there are not more."
He's a joy to watch, that's for certain. The way Wenger speaks about him is infectious. It seems he's found everything he wants in a player in Santi... it's a shame that he signed for us a season later than he did.

And talking of contracts, Theo Walcott's representatives will sit down with Dick Law this week in an attempt to reach a deal which would see the 23-year-old stay in north London.

If Arsenal won't budge on their £75,000 a week offer I find it very hard to see a compromise being reached. And Walcott's insistence that he's played through the middle will be another stumbling block. We can all see what a threat Theo is playing on the right. I just can't see how he fits into the system we currently play as the central striker.

The manager might point to the way Barcelona play with Messi... but Walcott and Messi aren't in the same league.

Wenger said:

"Theo’s game is based on movement off the ball, timing and finishing. He can play wide, he can play central. 
"Some say he does not have the build to play up front on his own but you could say that of Messi. It depends on who plays around you and on your individual qualities."

Messi is an exceptional player. A player born once in a lifetime. Walcott doesn't get close to him.
However I hope the manager is right. I want Theo to stay. We have a stronger squad with him in our ranks and what a player to bring on to help us change the game on Saturday.

The win certainly leaves us in a better frame of mind after our defeat the previous weekend. There is still plenty of points to be played for. And if we continue playing without intimidation, we've got every chance of finishing the season with a piece of silverware.

That's it for today. Back with more tomorrow.

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