Monday, 24 June 2013

Higuain signing imminent -Rooney's fee no issue - Adams blasts Kroenke's decision

Morning Gooners.

I trust you had a good weekend. It seems as though very little has happened in the last two days Arsenal wise from inside the club but a lot has been said from the outside looking in.

We should start with Tony Adams who has been speaking candidly about Wayne Rooney's proposed move to north London. The former Gunners captain doesn't think it would be a wise move for the Manchester United man.

He said:

"I’m not sure Wayne Rooney could handle London. 
"That would be a massive risk for me. I don’t think it’s a question of finances, it’s his temperament and mentality. London is a different animal. It takes a different type of player to handle it. 
"Wayne is a super player and I would love to see him at the Arsenal. But I’m not sure about him mentally, off the pitch and his professionalism. 
"I wouldn’t like to spend my money on Wayne."

Adams' struggles with alcohol are well documented. He clearly knows about the what London has to offer but I doubt that the capital is that much different to Manchester these days.

What I find interesting is that there is no question in Adams' mind that we could even afford a player of Rooney's quality. Lets be honest, the England man is top drawer and a signing which would make our rivals sit up and take note. But we've always been held back in the past with the manager's willingness to spend big.

Rooney's wages - reported to be £225,000 a week - would surely challenge us in my mind. But Adams doesn't seem to have any worries about the financial package. It is the player's professionalism which is his primary concern.

If we signed a determined Rooney, looking to put his career back on track, I think he would be a great addition to the squad. I just wonder whether he's already peaked and is on a slow downward spiral. You also have to question his  life off the pitch. Does he look after himself to ensure he's at his best during the season?

Would signing Rooney be a gamble too far? Adams certainly thinks so.

Adams also talked about Stan Kroenke's decision to appoint Sir Chips Keswick as chairman following Peter Hill-Wood's retirement.

Adams said:

"Chips is a great guy but not a very imaginative choice by the owner. And he is 73. 
"If they just wanted a figurehead, they should have gone for me. It would have been a better visionary decision than Chips."

There was no way that anyone outside the Arsenal boardroom was going to be parachuted in to become chairman. The problem is Kroenke knows very few people in London so why would he rock the boat when it comes to appointing a new figure head as chairman of Arsenal?

While I agree with Adams, the appointment of Sir Chips looks very imaginative, he's only been in the job for a couple of weeks so he's got to be given time. And who knows what happens behind the oak paneled doors of the Highbury House boardroom? Perhaps Sir Chips has more influence than he's being given credit for. It could be that Kroenke just wants a safe pair of hands to oversee Arsenal and that is what Sir Chips offers.

What is very clear however is that fresh blood is needed in the Arsenal boardroom. We need younger directors who can add fresh ideas and different views to the mix.

The former captain isn't convinced we can mount a title challenge next term.

He said:
"It’s time that Arsenal won something again, even the FA Cup or League Cup. But I can’t see it, to be honest. 
"They are still not good enough in certain areas of the team. And they are miles off the title."
I think it's a bit early to be writing us off just yet. We've yet to do any real business in the transfer market. I think once it gets to September 1, we'll all have a clearer view as to what the season holds. But clearly we have room for improvement on last season. Finishing fourth isn't good enough.

And finally, Gonzalo Higuain's dad Jorge has been speaking about his son's future.

He said:

"Nothing has yet been signed but I assure you the negotiations between the clubs are at an advanced stage. 
"We won’t agree a contract before the clubs reach a transfer deal. I’m sure Arsenal made a big offer, and Juventus."

I'm surprised he's still talking up a move to Italy considering Juventus have gone very quiet over the deal. Talk of a medical today seem a bit far fetched, but I'm expecting movement this week. Real Madrid seem certain to tie up Carlo Ancelotti's move shortly and that should pave the way for our signing of Higuain.

Personal terms should be a formality and a fee of £22m with Real Madrid has been in place for more than a week now. So once Higuain is wrapped up, who might be next?

That's it for today. Back with more tomorrow.

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