Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Top agent: Wenger knows you don't necessarily get what you pay for

Morning Gooners.

Not a hell of a lot going on today so far. So I wanted to highlight something top agent Sky Andrew said at the weekend.

Andrew appeared on the TalkSPORT Press Pass show alongside the Daily Mirror's John Cross and Daily Express' Mick Dennis.

To put in context the answer he's gives, he was asked about rumours Arsenal are set to sign three players who would break their transfer record.

Andrew said:
"Arsene is always under pressure to spend big money. But he knows you don't necessarily get what you pay for. 
"We've all seen certain transfers of big strikers go through. Would the fans honestly liked Wenger to have brought those players or would they him to buy some players that are going to add value to the club? 
"The way Wenger has fronted the club and the way club have done their business, the shareholders are jumping up and down. 
"And so they are never going to buy a player at the wrong age and a player with no residual value. 
"In fact if any of us owned a club, we would buy good young players, find good young players and add value to the club and make a profit for the business."
I thought it  was interesting that an agent would go so far to say that our manager really knows what he's doing and after the Ivan Gazidis Q&A on Monday where one fan asked if we were going to sign a marquee player this summer.

I think if Wenger signed Messi now there would be Arsenal fans who would be unhappy. Honestly.

Football fans always seem to want something to moan about. And to crow about as well. I personally don't think we need a marquee signing. I think we need to let the manager add players to our squad so that we can be competitive next season on four fronts. So what if they aren't players who have already made their names?

There isn't a better spotter of talent than Arsene Wenger. The club are making available a large sum of money this summer so that he can add the depth we need for a big push next season. There are players available, we've got to identify those who fit in our budget and will complement those who are already in our squad.

That's it for today. Back with more tomorrow.

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