Friday, 7 June 2013

We CAN afford Rooney -Wenger's new deal -Gunners bid for £24m Fellaini

Morning Gooners.

The pressure is ramping up on Arsene Wenger his morning to open his £70m+ war chest after chief executive Ivan Gazidis gave an interview to The Sun saying the money was there and it was down to the manager to spend it.

The CEO has revealed we are in the market to sign a player of Wayne Rooney's quality and can afford to pay him around £200k a week and pay Manchester United a £20m transfer fee. That weekly wage is less than Rooney is currently on, but it appears the England man is at a cross roads in his career and must make a decision where he wants to play his football next season.

Gazidis said he also wants Arsenal to compete on the same level as Bayern Munich and that the commercial deals would make an impact on what kind of players we can sign in the transfer market.

The CEO was asked directly if we could afford Rooney. He said:

"I don’t know what his fee would be. 
"I’m talking about an extra £70m of additional, high-margin revenue — so of course we could do that. 
"We could do more than that."
The final say on player acquisitions is always down to the manager, but it's very interesting the CEO is talking up our ability to sign top quality players this summer.

Gazidis was keen highlight the money we have coming in.

He said:
"We are beginning to see the escalation in our financial firepower. 
"That’s going to happen partly next season, it’s partly available now. It means we can spend more on transfers and wages. 
"We can look at options that weren’t previously in our financial capability."
There is money coming in from the Emirates sponsorship for the stadium and the shirt, we'll have a kit manufacturing deal to announce soon with Puma and then there is the extra cash from the TV rights deal.

And while we've shied away in the past of telling the footballing world we have cash in the past, that really isn't the case this summer. The club want everyone to know Arsene Wenger has money to spend.

Quite how that will help us in negotiations remains to be seen. You don't normally show off your cards to the opposition in a high stakes game of poker... so why would Arsenal tell other clubs exactly what they can spend on a player?

When the manager is keen to get value for money in the market, it seems like an odd strategy to take. But it's clear that the CEO and the board want to see some money spent this summer.

Gazidis added:
"We should be able to compete at a level like Bayern. I’m not saying we are there — we have a way to go. 
"We are an extraordinarily ambitious club. This has been about putting us up with the best in the world and now the question is turning that platform into on-field success. 
"Fans want to see real progression. 
"I do believe we can win the title and that’s certainly our ambition."
The timing of this interview is interesting as well. It comes ahead of the supporter's clubs Question and Answer session with the CEO on Monday night. Is that the real reason we've seen Gazidis talk about ambition and our spending power now?

There is also a hint the manager will be offered a new deal.

And finally. There will be celebrations into the small hours on the Holloway Road tonight if this is true. is reporting the club have made a record bid of £22m for Everton's Marouane Fellaini. Sadly the track record of transfer stories on being true is very, very low, so don't hold your breath.  The Times is reporting Arsenal have exercised an option in Marouane Fellaini's contact with a £24 million bid which will allow the Belgium internation to speak to us.

The newspaper report Fellaini "is giving serious consideration to moving to the Emirates Stadium".

It looks like we're in the game now!

That's it for today. Back with more tomorrow.

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