Monday, 8 July 2013

Wenger's audacious £30m bid for Suarez as Higuain waits in the wings

Morning Gooners.

You know how we all scoffed at reports last week when bookmakers closed the market on bets of a Luis Suarez move to Arsenal?

Fans said how could that deal be anything other than fiction? Others suggested it's a made up story. And some said Arsene Wenger wouldn't spend the required amount on Suarez to get Liverpool to sell.

Well the Daily Telegraph are reporting that all the bluster was fiction and Arsenal have indeed made a formal offer for Suarez, believed to be a club record of £30m for the 26-year-old Uruguayan.

I still don't believe there is a chance in the Merseyside club selling to us. The bid is £5m less than what the Anfield club paid Newcastle for Andy Carrol and they believe that is some sort of benchmark. Not that the fact they seriously over paid for the now West Ham striker can have anything to do with it.

I don't buy the theory that we put in a bid for Suarez to help Real Madrid secure his signing and move on the Gonzalo Higuain deal. If Wenger made an offer for the player it's because he want him to wear the Arsenal shirt.

Like I said last week, I love Suarez as a player. As a man I'm not to sure about him. But I think I'd be able to live with his foibles if he did complete a transfer to north London.

We have one thing which Liverpool cannot offer him... champions league football. And since signing for Liverpool he's yet to play a minute in Europe's elite competition. Don't ever forget what a pull being in that competition can be. We take it for granted, when quite clearly we shouldn't.

As Higuain trains alone in Madrid, we'll be sure to be stepping up our move for him as the squad's departure on their pre-season tour looms.

But this does feel like it's going to be an exciting week for us transfer wise.

That's it for today. Back with more tomorrow.

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