Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Arsenal invincible: "I just cannot see life without football for Arsene Wenger"

Martin Keown believes Arsene Wenger will have a role in football even if he decides to leave Arsenal when his contract expires this summer.

The former Gunners defender says the Frenchman's love for the game is what drives him on from day to day.

Wenger's two year contract extension, worth £8million a season, remains unsigned. It will be a talking point when the Arsenal board meet this week.

Keown, who was part of the Arsenal team which won the league unbeaten in 2003/4, told BBC Radio Five Live:
"I honestly don't think he [Arsene Wenger] is looking beyond from game to game. 
"It would all come as a huge surprise to him if he didn't get into the top four, just as much as it would have been a huge surprised if he hadn't got to the cup final. 
"That's how he is. He's very pragmatic. He's organised. He's trying to build this team for the future. He loves his football. 
"I just cannot see life without football for Arsene Wenger. 
"There isn't a crisis in every day of the week for him. He's a very calm man to be around. 
"He doesn't assess things as much as we do in the media.  
"At the weekend, watching that FA Cup game, I cannot remember being as frustrated as I was that afternoon ever as an Arsenal fan. 
"By hook or by crook they managed to get through that tie. 
"When ever you win things it always looks perfect, when you look back. 
"But I remember some very nervy difficult evenings trying to become successful in that Arsenal team. 
"It wasn't always pretty. We managed to do it. Maybe there isn't quite the exposure there is now but that would have been a long way back from losing that one and not getting through against Wigan. 
"That's one step. The next step is to get into the Champions League."
The Gunners made a huge step forward in their bid to secure fourth place with a win over West Ham last night. Two goals from Lukas Podolski and a beautiful strike from Olivier Giroud ensured Wenger's men took all three points in their 3-1 win.

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