Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Arsenal's Theo Walcott is the winner of...

Theo Walcott is the most-liked player in the Premier League, a survey of  Great British public has revealed.

According to sports marketing experts Repucom, 88.64 per cent of the UK population who can identify the Arsenal striker find him likeable to some extent.

Walcott pips Everton's Tim Howard (83.25) and team mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (79.16) to the top spot according to the figures from the Celebrity DBI, an index which gives potential sponsors marketability information.

Other players who rated highly were Eden Hazard (72.26), Yaya Toure (71.13) and Steven Gerrard (60.73).

But those who fared less well were Wayne Rooney (31.24), Ashley Cole (29.53) and John Terry (27.95).

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