Thursday, 3 April 2014

BSM survey results show majority of Arsenal fans want Wenger to stay

The majority of Arsenal fans want Arsene Wenger to continue as manager regardless of whether the club finishes in the top four and wins the FA Cup, a Black Scarf Movement survey has revealed.

A poll of 8,174 people believe the Frenchman, who is both Arsenal's longest serving and most successful manager, should stay on even if the Gunners finish outside the top four and don't claim the FA Cup.

The week long survey had what the supporters' group describe as "a great response".

Asked if Wenger should stay in his position if Arsenal achieved a top four finish and won the FA Cup, 59% of those responding said he should and be given a two or three year contract. While 9% said he should be handed a one year rolling deal. The remaining 32% believed it was time for the manager to move on.

If however Arsenal failed to achieve a top four finish but won the FA Cup, 40% of those taking part said Wenger should carry on with a two or three year contract. 16% said he should just be given a one year rolling contract, while 44% said the Gunners board should not renew his contract.

However should Arsenal fail to win the FA Cup but finish in the top four, 47% of those taking part said the Frenchman should be given a two or three year contract. 14% said it should be reduced to a one year rolling deal, while 39% said he should leave.

And if Arsenal failed to win the FA Cup and finished outside the Champions League positons, 31% said he should be asked to sign a two or or three year contract, 23% said it should only be a one year rolling deal but 46% said he should be moved on.

The survey's final question asked if the board's decision to raise ticket prices next season by 3% was justified. Unsurprisingly 96% said it wasn't.

See the full survey results on the Black Scarf Movement website.

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