Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Kroenke promises Wenger biggest transfer budget as Arsenal target two stellar names

The propaganda is out... and Arsenal's PR department has been briefing the media on behalf of majority share holder Stan Kroenke about what lies ahead this summer.

Of course we all know that it's a time the club are worried about. Arsene Wenger is out of contract, our position in the Champions League is currently in doubt, the FA Cup is still in the balance and on top of that, the club has already announced its intention to rise ticket prices at the Emirates next season.

But don't worry folks, there is plans to give Arsene Wenger the biggest transfer budget in the club's history to spend because the majority shareholder has complete faith in the manager to spend it wisely.

Briefing the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph, the Gunners are hoping to bring in at least "two stellar names" and they would be a forward and defensive midfielder. These names would be up there with Mesut Ozil on the world football stage.

Clearly this is all dependent on the Frenchman signing an extension to his current deal which expires in the summer. At present it is difficult to see beyond Wenger, but we're going to have to have a future without him at some point. He's not getting any younger.

I think the thing which scares many is who would pick Wenger's successor. No one on the Arsenal board has the experience in football to identify a manager who is going to be the right fit for our club. And I know anyone can give a list of names who might do a good job at Arsenal - the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Roberto Martinez immediately spring to mind. But who knows if they would fit in.

Barcelona have had trouble replacing Guardiola. Manchester United have had a dire season since replacing Alex Ferguson with David Moyes. We're on the cusp of achieving silverware again under Arsene Wenger and I would hate to go back to the start again with a new manager.

The decision is not straight forward however. I don't believe Wenger would stay without one of two scenarios happening.

  1. Arsenal finishing in the Champions League positions and winning the FA Cup
  2. Arsenal finishing in the Champions League positions.
Winning the FA Cup would be a great achievement. But if it didn't happen, I think it would be about the way we lost it that would influence whether the manager would stay or go. It would be down to the media narrative.

Our first priority is to ensure we get a result against Everton on Sunday. We've got a good draw and second half performance against Manchester City to build on. Let's continue the good work at Goodison Park.

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