Thursday, 15 May 2014

Aaron Ramsey announces some heart breaking news to Gooners

Aaron Ramsey has revealed he's set to get married this summer.

The Wales international has announced the news which will be heart breaking to Gooners with a man crush on the midfielder, and many Goonerettes too, that he will get hitched to fiancĂ©e Colleen Rowlands during the off season.

Ramsey said:
"I've got a very exciting summer as I'm getting married. 
"I'll be watching bits and bobs of the [World Cup] tournament, but I'll be on my honeymoon through much of it. 
"It's always nice to see Brazil when everyone's on their A game, and at home too. 
"It will be interesting to see Argentina, then there's Germany and Spain, who look strong. 
"Maybe Wales will be there one day."
Last summer Ramsey and Colleen were guests at Theo Walcott's wedding in Italy.

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