Monday, 5 May 2014

Midfielder reveals: "I am fed-up. I quit!" then changes his mind

Abou Diaby has admitted he thought about quitting football because of his chronic injury problems.

The Frenchman has been out of action since March 2013 with a knee injury and was recently involved in 45 minutes of football for the Arsenal under-21 side.

Arsene Wenger included the 28-year-old in the match day squad against West Brom on Sunday but Diaby wasn't one of the three substitutes the Gunner boss made.

The midfielder told L'Equipe:
"I would have loved to play 10 minutes this weekend. 
"I was counting substitutions: one, two, and three. There was big desire. I am ready. Anyway I am already happy to have reached this point."
Diaby has had a catelog of injuries which could all be a result of a horrific challenge by Dan Smith in Arsenal's game with Sunderland in 2006 which fractured and dislocated the midfielder's ankle.

The Frenchman added:
"It has been the longest absence of my whole career. You ask yourself if you are still a football player. 
"You think about giving up. I told myself: I am fed-up. I quit! 
"I talked to my parents, brothers, sisters and friends. Then, one day I woke up: no, out of the question to quit. 
"I am a believer and in my belief despair doesn't exist. Moreover I am only 28-year-old. I still have five, six years remaining, maybe more."
He added:
"My current objectives? Playing for the last Premier League day. And if my dark season could finish with a win in the Cup final, it would be wonderful. 
"World Cup? There are two matches remaining, so you have to be realistic. But if I could be the 23rd player on the plane to Brazil... I am dreaming about that."

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